About us

Corporate overview

ItoM Medical is a contract engineering and design company focussed on medical devices for monitoring & diagnostic purposes and wearable biometric sensoring.

ItoM Medical has developed an extensive library of signal processing algorithms that can be implemented in medical devices on an IP license basis.

ItoM at a glance

ItoM, parent company of ItoM Medical, is a mixed-signal IC design company. It was founded in 1998 by four former R&D and business executives of Philips Research & Semiconductors, pioneering the integration and performance in broadcast tuners (TDA7000) and RF transceiver fields. ItoM has a unique track record of innovations with focus on RF transceivers and ultra low power design.

In 2018, ItoM has joined forces with a team of experts on biomedical sensing, signal processing and medical device development and founded ItoM Medical to combine the knowledge and expertise from both fields of industry into a highly innovative design company.

For Medical

ISO13485 compliant Quality Management System

To ensure CE and FDA approvable technology, ItoM Medical is implementing a Quality Management System that is fully ISO13485 and MDR compliant. Using state of art software applications, ItoM Medical delivers a high standard on CE approved devices.